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     10173                       ELITEHOMESHOPPING.COM-MEN'S HEALTH    
                                           POSTAL & EMAIL          

                                Postal              Email 
  67,883 July 2013              $110/M             $150/M        DEMOGRAPHICS                        
  68,998 June 2013              $105/M             $145/M          AGE 
  65,779 May 2013               $100/M             $140/M          CONSUMERS 
 357,554 Last 6 Months          $ 95/M             $100/M          CREDIT CARD BUYERS 
 ELITEHOMESHOPPING.COM - Men's Health                              HERBS 
 EliteREV - Stimulator-Energy enhancement. First supplement        VITAMINS SUPPLEMENT 
 that was developed for people with highly demanding careers     SOURCE                              
 and social lifestyles. Core ingredient, the Arogyaparha           ONLINE BUYERS 100% 
 plant which is an Indian wild herb. Price - 30 pills for          OPT-IN EMAIL 
 $29.99 - 56% men.                                                 TELEMARKETING  

 EliteHomeShopping.com is a premiere shopping site that          SELECTIVITY:                        
 brings you a wide array of the most exclusive products            $20/M AGE ACTUAL 
 and services. From fashion to finances, one stop shopping         $15/M AGE RANGE 
 For all of  your needs. Site also includes the ability to         $40/F CARTRIDGE 
 find a store that is offering discount coupons on various         $50/F CD ROM 
 types of merchandise.                                             $40/F DISKETTE 
                                                                   $60/F EMAIL TRANSMISSION 
                                                                   $60/F FTP 
                                                                   $10/M GENDER 
                                                                   $10/M KEYING 
                                                                   $10/M P/S LABELS 
                                                                   $10/M RUNNING CHARGE 
                                                                   $10/M SCF SELECT 
                                                                   $10/M STATE 
                                                                   $10/M ZIP CODE 
                                                                 MINIMUM TEST:                       
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